Vesper Education is a Vesper´s project with which we provide the educational world our accumulated experience accompanying management teams of companies in the process of development and transformation. We provide consulting , training and coaching to schools, and Universities, in order to facilitate the design and implementation of processes of innovation and transformation.

These are the principles from which we intervene :

We believe that the leadership of the management team and the governing bodies is the key that allows start a journey of innovation. To lead means taking on the challenge of creating spaces and processes  that funnel all inputs and set the journey and design the path .  We also argue that it is a journey that needs to be experienced at first person plural by the faculty of each school, which are the essence of the educational process.

Each center has an own place to start, has a concrete history , lives in a particular context and has its educational project with its values. It seems essential to design any way from that particular and proper place so that each intervention is respectful , possibilistic and adapted.

The complexity and richness of the educational activity makes it necessary to involve the whole school community when any innovation project arises : parents , students, teachers, governing bodies of schools, facilities management teams , other cultural , sporting and economic environmet agents as well as public institutions.

We believe that schools can enrich their look by drawing on the experience of companies and institutions that have needed to adapt to a new economy and a new society. And at the same time,  we are well aware that education needs to find their own answers and their own rhythms and that you can not import answers from other worlds without filtering and adapt them.

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